Today in Ono-Sendai news

I envisioned them being a bit less woodgrain, but ok.

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  1. MattyJ says:

    The article lacks an explanation of exactly _why_ there are essentially two Y and B keys. Weird.

    No Dvorak. Can't use.

    • jwz says:

      It's common (but not universal) for split keyboards to have "6" on both sides, but I haven't seen "Y" or "B" doubled up before.

      • Borgel says:

        This was definitely because I didn't have it in V1 and it turned out that I crossed over all the time. Adding them was easier than retraining my muscle memory.

      • Karellen says:

        I wouldn't have noticed if you didn't mention it, but whlle that keyboard only has one "6", it's on the "wrong" side!

    • gryazi says:

      So supernatural forces can pass messages to other teams of daemons based on the timing of when you find it more comfortable to use one side or the other when you're not thinking about it. I mean, duh.

  2. Dara says:

    I like it! Including the woodgrain. Possibly because I also made a woodgrain keyboard out of plywood once. (I stained it cherry. It's now at the Living Computer Museum, which I find hilarious. :D )

  3. Philip Guenther says:

    "The unpowered screen was the color of the sky on a partly cloudy day, with some trees in the foreground" -- Gilliam Wibson

  4. Aaron says:

    Probably could ebonize it with iron acetate. Then at least it'd be gray woodgrain. (Does plywood have grain, really? Gray chipboard, maybe.)

    • jai says:

      Ply wood has surface grain, sure, to the extent that the parent wood has grain. It doesn't really have end-grain, but the surface is just a surface whether it's a solid plank of pine or the top ply. Chipboard is a totally different thing.

      More authentically Japanese would be actually setting fire to the wood ( ), although I'm not sure how that would go with glued pine...

  5. Chas. Owens says:

    I am sad that Pixel Qi is effectively dead. There transflective screen would be perfect for this sort of build.

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