Noted fascist collaborator Peter Thiel funds noted pro troll Palmer Luckey in building surveillance tools

How is this the world we live in?

Mr. Thiel's investment firm, Founders Fund [...] sees Mr. Luckey's venture in the mold of Palantir Technologies, a data-mining company co-founded by Mr. Thiel, which serves a wide range of clients, including intelligence agencies. [...]

Mr. Luckey discussed the idea of using sensor technology on the Mexican border with Stephen K. Bannon, Mr. Trump's chief strategist, according to a person familiar with the meeting. [...]

A person who knows him described Mr. Luckey as a casual "prepper," someone who prepares for societal collapse, though another person said he was simply a military buff. [...] Among his assets is about 85 acres of property in upstate New York, including a luxury home built atop a decommissioned Atlas missile silo. [...] He owns a second property in Chico, Calif., with decommissioned Titan 1 missile silos, according to records.

Luckey on the hardships and deprivations of working at Facebook:

"At the moment I am an unemployed engineer, when I worked at Facebook I was just a business person," he told MoguraVR. "The Oculus offices were on the Facebook campus. It certainly was a great working environment. But I had to restrain myself working there. I could not cosplay while working at Facebook."

I'm not sure who he's cosplaying as in this photo, but I assume it's Steve Bannon.

Luckey's most notable business venture, of course, was Nimble America:

Nimble America says it's dedicated to proving that "shitposting is powerful and meme magic is real," according to the company's introductory statement. [...] "We conquered Reddit and drive narrative on social media, conquered the [mainstream media], now it's time to get our most delicious memes in front of Americans whether they like it or not," a representative for the group wrote in an introductory post on Reddit.

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5 Responses:

  1. Jan Kujawa says:

    "Palantir Technologies"

    Gee. That's subtle. How about Bigbad Suitguy, GmbH?

  2. Jim Sweeney says:

    He appears to be less physically prepared for the apocalypse than I am, and my plan is to stockpile scotch in the basement of Paramount Studios.

  3. BHN says:

    "...get our most delicious memes in front of Americans whether they like it or not..."

    Welcome to the all-ASCII plaintext internet, we've missed you all. What brings you back this way anyhow?

  4. SpookTowerDotOrg says:

    > I'm not sure who he's cosplaying as in this photo, but I assume it's Steve Bannon.

    So much coffee through the nose. You are correct twice over.

  5. The "best" part of the whole Palmer Luckey saga (and by "best" I mean "most maddening") is that Peter Thiel managed to turn his fascist pissboy protege into a demi-billionaire using entirely the money of Facebook shareholders on the grounds that Luckey had developed the world's foremost device for inducing instant projectile vomiting in the coveted 14-24 year old male "gamer" demographic.

    ...which kinda makes you wonder just how long Thiel has been using Facebook' and Founders Fund's checkbooks as sub-rosa funding tools for neoreactionaries disguised as money-losing VC investments, and how many more Palmer Luckeys there are out there.

    Oh yeah, and the sole actual arbiter of what gets done with FCBK stock is about to start running for president as a "liberal" candidate. So that's reassuring.

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