Beehive Chop Shop

Beekeepers Feel the Sting of California's Great Hive Heist

Earlier this year, around $1 million worth of stolen bees were found in a field in Fresno County. Sgt. Arley Terrence with the Fresno County Sheriff's Department says it was a "beehive chop shop." [...]

"This is the biggest bee theft investigation that we've had," Terrence says. Most of the time, he says, beehive thieves turn out to be "someone within the bee community."

That was the case in the giant heist earlier this year. The alleged thief, Pavel Tveretinov, was a beekeeper from Sacramento who used the stolen bees for pollination and then stashed them on a plot of land in Fresno County. He was arrested and could face around 10 years of jail time. And authorities say he didn't act alone. His alleged accomplice, Vitaliy Yeroshenko, has been charged and a warrant is out for his arrest.

Steve Godlin with the California State Beekeepers Association says the problem of hive theft gets worse every year. "There used to be kind of a code of honor that you didn't mess with another man's bees," Godlin says.

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13 Responses:

  1. Andrew says:

    "Police mount a sting operation to catch bee thieves"

  2. rc says:

    How'd they find the stolen bees in Fresno County anyway? Did they have assistance from the UK's Ministry of Defense?

  3. James M says:

    It's a big problem in New Zealand

    "Honey wars: crime and killings in New Zealand's booming manuka industry"

  4. bq Mackintosh says:

    Current music: The Buzzcocks -- Sneaky

  5. Andrew says:

    What I'm wondering - how should I obtain honey?

    option 1 - a virtual beehive with one of the big cloud providers
    option 2 - a dedicated beehive
    option 3 - a bare rack slot in a beehive, I provide my own frame

    • MattyJ says:

      If you're willing to tear down your current hive and rebuild it in precisely the way a big cloud provider believes hives should function, then option 1 is for you. As an added bonus, you'll have no idea how much it's going to cost you month to month.

    • kwk442 says:

      Your hive can scale with Elastic Beestalk.

  6. MattyJ says:

    This reminds me, we haven't checked in on the Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve in a while:

  7. apm74 says:

    The 2016 election collusion was really about bees.

  8. pavel_lishin says:

    I want this to be a subplot in a Neal Stephenson novel.

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