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Fri, Jun 02:   Turbo Drive: Le Matos + Turbo Kid screening @ DNA Lounge
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Thu, Jun 08:   Cathedrals, Yassou @ Mezzanine
Fri, Jun 09:   Adult @ Independent
Sat, Jun 10:   Everyone Is Dirty @ Independent
Sat, Jun 17:   Phono del Sol Festival
Wed, Jun 21:   The Magnettes @ DNA Lounge
Fri, Jun 30:   Hotline @ DNA Lounge
Fri, Jul 14:   FM-84 & The Midnight @ DNA Lounge
Sun, Jul 16:   Cocktail Robotics Grand Challenge @ DNA Lounge
Mon, Aug 28:   San Cisco @ Great American Music Hall
Wed, Sep 13:   Perturbator @ DNA Lounge
Thu, Dec 07:   Pixies @ Fox

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WiFi232: An Internet Hayes Modem for your Retro Computer

Serial-to-telnet dongles have long existed, but flavoring it with Hayes AT commands and emulating RING is adorable.

I envy them their success in getting hardware flow control working.

Also it supports botnets, to which your Apple ][ might otherwise have been regrettably immune! "Over-the-air firmware updates. [...] No password protection of web server configuration."

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Luxury Graffiti is very in right now

Developers Who Destroyed '5Pointz' Mural Create Faux Graffiti Art

In November 2013, in the middle of night, painters blanket 5Points with white paint, destroying decades of street art in the span of a couple of hours. The order was given by Jerry Wolkoff, who bought the Long Island City-based buildings in 1971.

In 2014, he formally destroyed the buildings, paving the way for -- surprise, surprise -- two luxury towers to be built in its place. [...]

What the renderings showed insulted supporters of the 5Pointz. Mojo Stumer implement all of this antiseptic-looking graffiti in the halls, including a garish-looking 5Pointz sign that will be featured throughout the two properties. Luxury building using faux-graffiti isn't anything new, but there is an extra tone-deafness here, once the history of the property is considered.

"To the 5Pointz community, for him to name the building 5Pointz and to use a mock-up of a logo of ours, we feel the disrespect continues."

Wolkoff, who spoke to DNA New York, said: "It's my building, and I let them express themselves for 25 years...I loved what they did. I have no animosity."

It's so cool that the clearly aggrieved party here "has no animosity". I am reminded of the museum scene in Children of Men:

This may give New York real estate developers a bad name.

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