Whitehouse unveils Trump Presidential Portrait

Disney's Hall of Presidents show reportedly rolled back so Trumpbot won't get a speaking role:

For decades, new US presidents were welcomed to Walt Disney World's Hall of Presidents with a robot carved in their honor, and which would deliver a short, recorded speech voiced by the incoming POTUS himself -- but the idea of a talking Trumpbot is so repugnant that the entire show is reportedly being rolled back to an earlier version (nominally to shorten it), eliminating the speaking roles of everyone except Lincolnbot and Washingtonbot.

Disney World castmembers have long used the Hall of Presidents as a locus for pranks (putting Nixonbot in handcuffs, slipping a condom into the breast-pocket of Clintonbot), but the likely fallout of a divisive, white supremacist con-artist delivering canned lines every 20 minutes for four years (or less?) was apparently too much for the parks

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