Using witchcraft against library patron

Pro se plaintiff alleged that library employees used witchcraft to add Facebook friends to patron's account.

As relief, the patron requested that the court remove all use of internet service from the public library. West v. Augusta Richmond County Public Library System, No. 1:16-CV-0008 (S.D. Ga. 2016). Dismissed as frivolous.

I was only able to find a summary of this important case; the original filing is behind a paywall...

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  1. Editer says:

    All I could find was the judge's summary describing why he recommended its dismissal (I assume this is the paywalled info you were looking for). The relevant parts:

    "This nonsensical and fantastical complaint alleges, or at least appears to allege, that unidentified library workers, relatives of Plaintiff, and others colluded to add homosexuals as friends of Plaintiff on his Facebook page. Such unidentified persons also engaged in a fraudulent credit card scheme with Comcast Cable that somehow resulted in homosexual activity occurring within the apartment complex where Plaintiff resides. They also used witchcraft on Plaintiff and, as he described, 'disappeared around me too wait and see what kinda activity me gone do.' ...

    "Plaintiff’s complaint is dotted with nebulous and conclusory statements about fraud and witchcraft. (See generally, doc. no. 1.) For example, Plaintiff states his cousin Tasha Morris 'did and [sic] fraud scheme with the library using [his] name and social security number . . . and access too [sic] [his] visa credit card account number,' but fails to provide any factual detail of any actions taken by Defendant. The lion’s share of Plaintiff complaint is dedicated to accusing unidentified people of using witchcraft to 'harm [him] with witch spell curse[s].'"

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