Live from the Larynx

"So you can beatbox from the inside as well"

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DNA Lounge: Wherein we are winnars, and it's upholstery time.

Last week we won both "Best Dance Club" and "Best Live Music Venue" in SF Weekly's Best of SF. Go team!

It's time to reupholster some of our benches again. Judging by the life expectancy of our benches, it seems like the majority of our customers have razors and fish-hooks attached to their back pockets. Fixing them is always stupidly expensive, both in parts and labor. If you are good at upholstery and would like to volunteer some time in exchange for tickets and drinks, please let us know!

Also, if any of you come across a cheap source of marine vinyl with thick black and white stripes (6" to 30" stripes, let's say) let me know... The Dazzle Room benches also need some work, and stripes would be awesome. But not so awesome that I want to spend a fortune having someone stitch those stripes together by hand... But that is probably the only option, which means, "upon further consideration, black sounds like a perfect color for those benches".

Photos are up of the Amanda Palmer show! And there's a very nice review of it in The Bay Bridged. It was great show!

Since we didn't have anything in Above DNA that night, we opened Above a couple hours early so that people who arrived super early could get out of the sun and have a drink before doors. I thought this would be "people standing around in a room listening to a DJ" but apparently what they were all actually interested in was "standing in line so they could be the first to rush the front of the stage".

There were a lot of people who bought tickets for this show and didn't show up, like, more than 100, I think. There are always some, but that's a way higher ratio than usual. It's too bad we had no way of knowing whether those people were just going to show up late, because there were a lot of people outside who would have liked tickets if we knew we had room.

We printed up some of these fabulous R.Black posters, so we still have some left over. Go get 'em! $10 each. We printed up 100 of them but only sold like 40 at the show, which just goes to show, nobody buys posters. People are forever telling me "You should totally sell that ___ poster!" and then they just don't ever sell.

We've got a steampunk party tonight, so you can party like it's 2005 -- I expect it to be exactly like that Key & Peele skit, which does not appear to be on the youtubes. But the DJ booth contraption this guy is bringing does look pretty entertaining. He very much "put a gear on it".

And as usual, here are some photos of other recent events --

After Romeo
Hubba Hubba Undersea
Amanda Palmer
I live in continuing amazement that the "boy band" formula is still being followed to exactly the same specification as it was in 1983. Is there an ISO specification for this? One of these days I really want to get a look at the breeding vats underneath EPCOT. Decant me another matched set of pseudo-soul crooners!

And please enjoy mixtape 183: nothing but boy bands, I swear.


jwz mixtape 183

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 183.

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Party Pigeon

Pigeon caught with backpack of drugs

Customs officials in Kuwait have apprehended a pigeon carrying drugs in a miniature backpack, Kuwaiti newspaper al-Rai reports. A total of 178 pills were found in the fabric pocket attached to its back.

The bird was caught near the customs building in Abdali, close to the border with Iraq.

An al-Rai journalist said the drugs were a form of ketamine, an anaesthetic also used as an illegal party drug.

Abdullah Fahmi told the BBC that customs officials already knew pigeons were being used to smuggle drugs, but this was the first time they had caught a bird in the act.

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Trump Organization Says It's 'Not Practical' to Comply With the Constitution

Elijah E. Cummings Ranking Member, Committee on Oversight and Government Reform:

Unfortunately, your meager response does not include the vast majority of documents we requested in our letter. Instead, you provided only a single document -- a glossy, eight-page pamphlet that contains a total of 40 sentences -- and an email forwarding this pamphlet to various Trump Organization entities. This pamphlet raises grave concerns about the President's refusal to comply with the Constitution merely because he believes it is "impractical" and could "diminish the guest experience of our brand."

Complying with the United States Constitution is not an optional exercise, but a requirement for serving as our nation's President.2 If President Trump believes that identifying all of the prohibited foreign emoluments he is currently receiving would be too challenging or would harm his business ventures, his options are to divest his ownership or submit a proposal to Congress to ask for our consent.

Even if the President's companies were willing to carefully track of all their foreign government payments, the President still would be required under the Emoluments Clause to request and obtain permission from Congress to accept those payments.


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Nazi Poop Discipline.

jpressler: "I feel like every article on the Koch brothers should note that as small children they had a Nazi governess who made them shit on command."

He was enamored enough of the German way of life and thinking that he employed a German governess for his first two sons, Freddie and Charles. At the time, Freddie was a small boy, and Charles still in diapers. The nanny's iron rule terrified the little boys, according to a family acquaintance. In addition to being overbearing, she was a fervent Nazi sympathizer, who frequently touted Hitler's virtues. Dressed in a starched white uniform and pointed nurse's hat, she arrived with a stash of gruesome German children's books, including the Victorian classic Der Struwwelpeter, that featured sadistic consequences for misbehavior ranging from cutting off one child's thumbs to burning another to death. The acquaintance recalled that the nurse had a commensurately harsh and dictatorial approach to child rearing. She enforced a rigid toilet-training regimen requiring the boys to produce morning bowel movements precisely on schedule or be force-fed castor oil and subjected to enemas.*

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iCal alerts

Dear Lazyweb, my iCal alerts have started randomly not showing up. WTF?

I use Apple Calendar on my desktop Mac and sync it through iCloud with my phone and iPad. It used to be that when an alarm went off, a notification showed up on all three devices. If you were lucky, dismissing it on one device would also dismiss it on the others.

But now the notification seems to be showing up on only one device.

For example: I was active at my desktop when the alarm should have gone off. Nothing. I looked at my phone, which had been locked for an hour: nothing there. I looked at my iPad, which had been locked for 12 hours: OH THERE IT IS. How helpful.

Is this the new normal, or am I just lucky?

Anyone know what to do to fix this shit?

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Sea Lions: Dicks.

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Whitehouse unveils Trump Presidential Portrait

Disney's Hall of Presidents show reportedly rolled back so Trumpbot won't get a speaking role:

For decades, new US presidents were welcomed to Walt Disney World's Hall of Presidents with a robot carved in their honor, and which would deliver a short, recorded speech voiced by the incoming POTUS himself -- but the idea of a talking Trumpbot is so repugnant that the entire show is reportedly being rolled back to an earlier version (nominally to shorten it), eliminating the speaking roles of everyone except Lincolnbot and Washingtonbot.

Disney World castmembers have long used the Hall of Presidents as a locus for pranks (putting Nixonbot in handcuffs, slipping a condom into the breast-pocket of Clintonbot), but the likely fallout of a divisive, white supremacist con-artist delivering canned lines every 20 minutes for four years (or less?) was apparently too much for the parks

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Using witchcraft against library patron

Pro se plaintiff alleged that library employees used witchcraft to add Facebook friends to patron's account.

As relief, the patron requested that the court remove all use of internet service from the public library. West v. Augusta Richmond County Public Library System, No. 1:16-CV-0008 (S.D. Ga. 2016). Dismissed as frivolous.

I was only able to find a summary of this important case; the original filing is behind a paywall...

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