jwz mixtape 182

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 182.

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  1. Cheshire Noir says:

    WTF? The "Ali Barter - Please Stay" video clip was apparently filmed in my local mall. This wouldn't be unusual except I live in Perth, Western Australia (AKA the middle of nowhere).

    Talk about mental dissonance..

  2. nooj says:

    I really liked the Reyko and Soldout tunes! The video for the Soldout tune was great! I really wish directors would stop doing jump cuts in dance videos. It cheapens the abilities of the dancers to learn more than one move at a time.

    Here's three music videos I liked recently, not including my SXSW 2017 playlist, not yet complete(!).

    Plaid "Do Matter"
    Pascal Pinon "Bloom"
    Puzzle "Comedown"

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