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Dear Lazyweb, my iCal alerts have started randomly not showing up. WTF?

I use Apple Calendar on my desktop Mac and sync it through iCloud with my phone and iPad. It used to be that when an alarm went off, a notification showed up on all three devices. If you were lucky, dismissing it on one device would also dismiss it on the others.

But now the notification seems to be showing up on only one device.

For example: I was active at my desktop when the alarm should have gone off. Nothing. I looked at my phone, which had been locked for an hour: nothing there. I looked at my iPad, which had been locked for 12 hours: OH THERE IT IS. How helpful.

Is this the new normal, or am I just lucky?

Anyone know what to do to fix this shit?

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6 Responses:

  1. Jason says:

    Now that you mention it, I missed a reminder on the 12th, and my wife had a few missed ones as well. Guess it is a thing.

    • Jason says:

      It's not even limited to iCal, or multiple devices. Every once in a while Google Calendar, running only on my phone, decides "fuck you and your reminder". The item is in the calendar, the reminder is set to go off a certain amount of time in advance, it just... doesn't wanna.

  2. JK says:

    Maybe "quiet hours" or "do not disturb" is configured on one or more devices. (I don't know if those settings flow through to all devices or are device-specific, only have the one phone - not the entire ecosystem)

    But - in the overall race to the bottom, it wouldn't surprise me that things are just broken.

  3. o.o says:

    I've noticed over the past few releases of OS X that Calendar.app reminders will spontaneously disappear. Sometimes they will stay until I manually dismiss them (which is the expected behavior), but there have been plenty of times where I will be working with an undismissed reminder in the corner and it just disappears on its own with a little cloud and a whoosh sound, and others disappear when I'm not using the computer. These are local reminders, not iCloud (unless it's doing something I never authorized). This has literally cost me money, so it's more than a minor annoyance. In summary, I hope you can find a fix for your issue that will also fix my issue.

  4. BHN says:

    I've experienced this all the time on Android devices, and in Outlook. Welcome to Teh Suck, where everything loses.

  5. Aidan Kehoe says:

    I found I needed to setup a Google Calendar to be able to sync from my 10.6 Mac desktop to my iPhone; and I can no longer edit events from iCal on my desktop, I need to use Google's web client. Editing events on my phone works fine and in general always has, though the flash (SSD) memory of my 4S only lasted a few months beyond deprecation of that device, so now I'm on a 5s, which is OK. I am reasonably certain I needed to do this (to switch to Google Calendar) before Apple deprecated my desktop hardware and thereafter my desktop OS, but am open to correction.

    In summary, syncing iCal using Apple infrastructure is not particularly reliable, I have ended up embracing Google for this, and I understand this may not be the best solution for you.

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