Great Moments in Texting

Just got it
I don't even know I couldn't tell which emojis I was clicking on my computer they are too small
Im blind

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  1. J. Peterson says:

    Like Colbert's story of responding to sad news with the because he thought it was somebody crying.

    Somewhere there's a market to fix texting keyboards for the bifocals crowd.

    • J. Peterson says:

      (...aaaand your comments field strips out emojis?!)

      • jwz says:

        Everything is terrible. If they are more than 2 bytes you can type them out in &#x form.

        • Nick Lamb says:

          s/more than 2 bytes/beyond the Basic Multilingual Plane/

          Some BMP code points need three bytes in UTF8, � U+FFFD is three bytes for example, but those fit fine into MySQL's crazy "Unicode, but not all of it" character set they've insanely labelled "utf8". I look forward to some day discovering small print in their documentation informing me that "integer" is defined only to include even numbers.

  2. narf says:

    So, this should just work here, right? U+A66E &U+A66E &U+A66Ex <a href=""previously

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