Cornelius Snarlington, Forensic Deer

The camera caught a glimpse of a young white-tailed deer standing near the skeleton with a human rib bone in its mouth.

Then it happened again on January 13 -- the camera caught a deer with another rib sticking out of its mouth like a cigar. It's not clear whether it was the same deer in both cases, but it's certainly possible first one came back for seconds.

This is the first known evidence of a deer scavenging human bones, and the authors published their findings in the Journal of Forensic Sciences.

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  1. Cat Mara says:

    (puts bones over mantelpiece)

    • Thomas Lord says:

      I think a lot of mammals like things they can move around and manipulate a little bit. This is my main theory of history, anyway.

  2. Deer while browsing in the brush, find baby birds in relatively low nests. They proceed to eat the baby birds alive. There have been documented cases of squirrels and rabbits being eaten as well. Most of what people consider herbivores given a chance will eat meat, they just aren't geared for getting it easily. Long Horn cattle eat pond stock fish, Pandas will eat fresh carrion they come across instead of Bamboo, and of course pigs will devour anything even if they are typically not thought of as omnivores.

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