DNA Lounge: Wherein people get up to shenanigans with our posters.

A couple of amusing things I spotted on the instatwits this week:

@b0psaturnnights liked the Cyberdelia flyer so much that they printed out their own poster of it! I hadn't bothered putting that poster on sale because it was a straight copy of the flyer that appears in Hackers, so I didn't think much of it. (Though I did make it from scratch, because I wasn't able to pull a clean enough image of it from the movie.)

@closemindedjerk appears to be using R.Black 's poster for Halloween 2014 an an element in some kind of suspicious ritual. The summoning grid has been energized. All teams, prep for CASE NIGHTMARE BOSON.
We have many other fine posters for sale!

By the way, remember those Cyberdelia floppies? Did any of you actually load one of them? I need to know.


Why I Don't Trust Batman

Imagine that you live in a city of villains.

Your city has a billionaire playboy. He lives on top of the hill. You don't know much about him, other than what you read in the papers about his romantic exploits and elaborate black-tie parties. You had a gig once offloading decorative antique suits of armor at his mansion up on the hill. You wanted to sign up for the gig offloading slabs of marble to be installed in his ballroom, but you hurt your back and got fired.

You met the billionaire playboy once. You grew up in one of his orphanages, after your Pop was killed by a villain and your Ma ran off to make her fortune robbing banks in a souped-up mech suit. The orphanage was nice, nicer than home even, because nobody there was squirreling away your lunch money to pay for mech suit parts. You met the billionaire playboy when he came through the orphanage to inspect the place. There was a woman with a clipboard trailing behind him, and she smiled at you. The billionaire ran his hands across the rows of bedposts and looked into the distance, and you couldn't catch his eye.

After you hurt your back, your buddy tells you about a job he's got working in-house security at some guy's warehouse downtown. You live downtown. It would be nice to work close to where you live -- you wouldn't have to sit on the half-the-time-broke-down trolley that goes from just outside the slums to the canning district, which is your other employment option.

The billionaire playboy owns a lot of real estate in the city. That, you learn through your buddy as you walk together to the security job, is how the billionaire playboy's family amassed their fortune. They owned all the land before the city became a bustling urban metropolis.

You're not sure whether he owns the slum where you live. You wonder if your rent money pays for decorative antique suits of armor.

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Datasaurus Dozen

Generating Datasets with Varied Appearance and Identical Statistics through Simulated Annealing

Anscombe's Quartet is a set of four datasets, where each produces the same summary statistics (mean, standard deviation, and correlation), which could lead one to believe the datasets are quite similar. [...]

Recently, Alberto Cairo created the Datasaurus dataset which urges people to "never trust summary statistics alone; always visualize your data", since, while the data exhibits normal seeming statistics, plotting the data reveals a picture of a dinosaur. Inspired by Anscombe's Quartet and the Datasaurus, we present, The Datasaurus Dozen:

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Radical Sandwich Anarchy

A decade ago, I conducted a poll on this topic. It lacked the taxonomical rigor of this chart -- well done!

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