"Youth" "Culture"

Headling ending with question mark omitted:

'Emo might have been the last subculture,' says Jamie Brett, a former emo himself who now works for Youth Club Archive, an organisation that collects images of the numerous youth subcultures that broke out in the UK between the 1950s and 2010.

I think what that actually says is, "[MEMBER OF DEFUNCT SUBCULTURE] says [MY DEFUNCT SUBCULTURE] was the End of History."

So where have all the tribes gone? While old scenes -- goth, mod, skinheads -- still survive, there have been no unique youth tribes since emo and Nu Rave in the mid 2000s. There's a sense that this ties in with the rise of the internet, with a more interconnected society removing that need for intensely localised scenes, which often coalesced around a single record or clothes shop or a particular club or band. The wide availability of music allows young people to explore sounds across genres and timeframes, which could also disrupt that need for a tribal identity -- and music is central to the tribes covered by Youth Club.

'There are still elements of copying each other, especially things like make-up, which is massive with teenagers, but there aren't those identifiable tribe aesthetics that you got from face-to-face contact,' says Brett. 'They say club culture has gone underground again because it is so expensive for young people to go out and so many clubs are being closed, so house parties are what's happening. Maybe now they are taking things into their own hands something will emerge. We are also experiencing a demand for the tangible in the form of vinyl and I wonder if that will create more movements.' Until then, we are left only with our past.

I dunno, that all sounds fairly "old man yells at cloud" and that's a lot of assertions without any support, let alone evidence. But maybe it has "truthiness".

I am forever reminding people that DNA Lounge 's competition is not the bar down the street, it's Netflix.

Also, "Nu Rave"? Come on, that was never actually a thing, any more than "Seapunk" was. They were punchlines in fashion magazines and Tumblr posts, not subcultures.

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17 Responses:

  1. Matt Rose says:

    What he's actually saying is: None of the subcultures that come after mine are noteworthy or important. Or alternately: "I'm old and stopped caring about shit like that"

  2. "Is youth culture a thing of the past?"

    Yes. For you. Nobody cares that sad creeper is sad.

  3. Vincent Janelle says:

    "This old dude saying these two things were things, weren't things" says old dude.

  4. Jim Sweeney says:

    Teenage hooligans!

  5. MattyJ says:

    While old scenes -- goth, mod, skinheads -- still survive, there have been no unique youth tribes since emo and Nu Rave in the mid 2000s.

    1. There's a reason those three things still survive and whatever 'Nu Rave' is/was did not.

    2. Did I read that right, that he's attributing emo to the mid-2000's? (I'm assuming he meant 'mid-naughts'). How young is this idiot? He'd have been closer to the emo timeline if he said "mid-1900's" and actually meant it.

  6. mcz says:

    You all just don't understand this guy.

    I can't believe I'm first to make this "joke".

  7. mspong says:

    I suspect new subcultures exist but are really well hidden and camouflaged. Like when those witchhaus bands were using names you couldn't google.

    • James says:

      Possibly, but there is certainly something going on, very much related to the Internet. I don't think the OP article has it even close, though. We got way too much racist, sexist, homophobic, regressionist self-organizing online culture out of this last election, and SPLC says hate crimes and hate group membership and affiliation are way up, too. With luck they are declining with Trump's approval rating, but I also wonder how much opioid addition is playing a role.

  8. vand says:

    It strikes me that most yoof kultur exists outside the perview of the adults. That was generated by the internet sure. You don't need to dress like a twit when you can go on 4chan, anywhere, anytime and go right ahead and just drop in as anonymous...

    Repeat ad nauseam, Tumblr, Secret Facebook Groups, Reddit, Imgur.

  9. gryazi says:

    Vaporwave is still the only #aesthetic.

    Hell, DnB and jungle are still going strong while no one's looking.