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    • Xuppddux says:

      Sly_Stone-ALBUM-"Heard you missed me well I'm back"
      lyrics-"Doing things because of a commercial" ... ... ...

      -ALBUM- "?"song-"Let's be together"
      lyrics-"Gimme gimme gimme, I want I want I want"
      littlesister-chorus "stop doin it, stop doing it,
      "stop doing it stop,
      "stop doin it, stop doing it,stop"

      wonder if he still "get message over to you now"?

      • XuppdduX says:

        Ok ... my last drive through... I may be just wanting to build a fractal(ized)(jellytrip-experience)-
        or Eli-the-computer-guy's about to come to tears (over the SDN concept)- ...
        or Infinera's PIC circuits, and 'SDN on the Optical Layer. It's Here. It's Real.'- ... or ... maybe I'd like to see the code from this 20+ years of UML-etc-(?why didn't I get LISP?(ed)

        • XuppdduX says:

          alright one mo ... SlyStone lyrics-"over doing your pursuing, not taking advantage of all your time"-song-What was I thinking in my head

  1. Tim says:

    How long before this is an Instagram/whatever filter?

  2. Adelson says:

    Apparently this didn't work at yesterday's Portland May Day parade

    • jwz says:

      The shocking thing about that photo is that the cop is dressed like a bike messenger instead of Judge Dredd. I guess the dream of the 90s is still alive in Portland.

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