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In time for Halloween!

If you're planning on pranking your friend by hiding this in their carry-on luggage, make sure you spend the extra to get the "X-Ray Correct" versions.

I'm disappointed that "Domestic Terrorism Training Kit #2" does not include a Confederate flag.

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4 Responses:

  1. A Kaleberg says:

    What, no Suicide Bomber Escape Kit?

    • Philip Guenther says:

      What do you consider an escape kit? They have RPGs in their Gift Shop, which might serve in helping you escape.

      I'm half surprised they don't have "Locked on Collar Bomb, with Pizza box and Bank Robbery Note" for more domestic realism.

      • A Kaleberg says:

        My apologies. That was a lame joke. Suicide bombers don't need escape routes, for obvious reasons.

  2. vand says:

    Looking forwards. This will go with my Russian 10$ gas mask for that real authentic 'survival prepper Unabomber' rig.

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