DNA Lounge: Wherein we still don't have a parklet.

"Maybe Never."
I mentioned a couple of months ago that the last outside impediments to us reinstalling the parklet have finally vanished, now that our sidewalk is complete (nine months after they told us it would be). But our contractor's estimate of how much it will cost has slid upward from $3,000 in labor to $4,000, and there's just no way I can justify spending that. That's almost half of what it cost us to manufacture and install the thing the first time.

We paid for it the first time with a Kickstarter, so it occurred to me that we could do a second one to have it re-installed, but even that seems foolish. If there are people out there who have $4,000 burning a hole in their pocket, and they might be inclined to aim that filthy, filthy cash in a DNA-like direction, I'd sure rather spend that money on payroll and keeping the lights on, because I think that improves the neighborhood way more than a parklet does.


So we are currently investigating ways to half-ass it, and bolt the dumb thing back together ourselves in some highly-less-than-ideal way. Stay tuned.

Oh, but if you are good at welding and willing to donate your time, we may have something for you to help out with!

Speaking of welding, apparently both of our espresso machines are broken. Some café, right, that can't even steam your coffee? We don't know yet how much that is going to cost, but probably a lot, since it seems like every time we have to even talk to the guy at the Vespa shop it costs like fifteen hundred bucks. I guess people who know how to weld pressure vessels get to charge bank. And the machines still go for $6k to $10k used / as-is (and "as-is" didn't really work out so great for us the last time we tried that). Oh, and apparently the espresso machine over at Codeword has been broken for months and I only just found out, because my staff decided that that was A) not that big a deal because who wants coffee, and B) not even worth telling me about, so that was awesome.

Maybe we should replace them with a couple of those "Oxygen Bars" they used to bring in to the raves back at the turn of the century. I'll bet maintenance on those is a lot cheaper.

I always forget to mention when I've made a new mixtape. I've made a new mixtape.


$13k Industrial Sperm Extractor

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Teen Pregnancy Barbie 1963

Midge also lacked a wedding ring, suggestive of loose morals and a godless life. Later her parents were added.

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