The 5 Filters of the Mass Media Machine



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  1. Web Guy says:

    This video is heavy-handed and talks down to the audience. It doesn't do Chomsky's book justice. People who need this message the most are just going to dismiss it as ivory tower jerk-offs talking down to them.

    A good start to improving it would be an actual human presenter with a sympathetic paul-in-the-desert, i-too-was-blind-but-now-i-see delivery instead of this avant-garde MTV bullshit that is 20 years past its sell-by date.

    • jwz says:

      But I like the little musclebound Pac-Mans. I like them a lot.

      • Web Guy says:

        That's the great thing about circle-jerks. The guy to your left has one too and knows how to work it.

        • MattyJ says:

          The few times I've read any Chomsky, that's exactly what I was thinking. "Ivory tower jerkoff."

      • Phil says:

        I saw them as micro-Residents.

    • Someone says:

      I agree that the video is patronising and oversimplifying to and beyond the point of caricature, but the art direction is really good, imo. I don't see why this style should be priviledge of 1997's MTV, but they say you can't argue about taste.

    • thielges says:

      I think Amy Goodman sounds condescending too. Then I learned about her background. She's a true champion of democracy and social justice. I still think she can sound snotty but now give her a break.

      Good point though. Few viewers of his clip will take the time to understand its provenance.

    • umffthebumffer says:

      Well, I'd watch a short video with cool looking cartoon weirdos in it way before I'd watch some dry lecture. I can already detect those by the thumbnail and attention-deficit idiots like me are the people that need to be reached the most. People who are actually willing to sit through lectures solve their own problems.

  2. margaret says:

    Where do I buy those fab boots?

  3. Penguin Pete says:

    I think if you have anything important to say, you shouldn't try to say it with the lost dimension of Pepperland.

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