Double-Parking Uber And Lyft Drivers Scramble To Beat Bus Cameras

"Driver uses extremely sophisticated masking technology to avoid Muni traffic enforcement cameras:"
By employing a clever trick called "covering your license plate."

Stanley notes that "officials say commercial parking tickets are on the decline," which Muni spokesman Paul Rose interprets to the Chron as meaning that "the cameras have led to fewer cars double-parking in front of buses and fewer commercial vehicles stopping in bus paths to unload." But according to Roberts' sources inside parking enforcement circles, numerous professional drivers have taken to removing their plates and obscuring their VIN numbers to avoid tickets that range from $110 (parking in a crosswalk or a transit-only lane) to $288 (parking in a bus stop).

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3 Responses:

  1. Seth says:

    We could give a camera to a random cyclist. On the first day, the ticket revenue would pay for that camera and several more, so we buy a few more cameras and continue exponentially until we have drained all the VC money from Uber & Lyft. Or until they start parking legally and safely. (Just kidding about that last part.)

    • nooj says:

      jwz says:

      It's the 21st Goddamned Century: why can't I act like a human red-light camera, take a phone-photo of the license plate of a car in the bike lane, text it to 311, and have a ticket automatically issued based on the timestamp and GPS? Yes, I will gladly click the checkbox saying that I will testify to this in court if necessary.

  2. anonymouse says:

    They should just seize and destroy such cars. No VIN? Clearly it's not a real car anyway, just a piece of trash left by the side of the road, so into the shredder it goes.

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