Bozena Riot

It's like a chicken vacuum, but for democracy!

BOZENA RIOT is a remotely operated, armored vehicle designed to handle riots and mobs in the streets and urbanized areas. The system offers a solution for both protecting the law-enforcement units in action and controlling the situation whenever peace maintenance is required.

High pressure tear gas guns guarantee control of crowds in extreme situations. And the high-tech video system means every moment is captured from all angles.

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11 Responses:

  1. curgoth says:

    8/10 - still needs an IMSI catcher and "SUBMIT NOW" painted on the front. For bonus points, have the camera automatically malfunction when an officer say "oh shit!"

  2. The Scoops are coming!

    • nightbird says:

      From the website:

      Various other tasks such as removal of barricades, vehicles, dangerous objects and materials, by means of additional attachments.

  3. Web Guy says:

    Anyone know if we're using any of these in the US yet?

  4. MattyJ says:

    "Peace maintenance". That's one of my new favorite terms now. I'm going to start using that in day-to-day conversation.

    • k3ninho says:

      Sometimes you just have to do peace enforcement, too. Hey, why aren't you laughing -- are you just at the 'first they ignore you' phase before 'then they laugh at you...'


  5. Andrew says:

    Glad it's low noise and low emissions. Can't make too much of a fuss while we're wiping the scum off the streets

  6. A Kaleberg says:

    It reminds me of Phillip Pullman's steam gun from 'The Shadow in the North'.

  7. thielges says:

    It's about time. Those crowds are starting to get out of hand when the soylent red deliveries come up short.

    (Now playing: Ethyl Meatplow)

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