Wilma! Where'd you put my electric drill!

The animation on the linked page is longer and higher quality, but once a GIF has been posted to Twitter, embedding it becomes unpossible. I couldn't find the original.

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  1. Phil Nelson says:

    I've gone through one of these and now I can't stop thinking about the post in my skull. I hate you.

  2. J. Peterson says:

    That whole twitter feed: Short attention span science.

  3. rcn says:

    Every time I see a surgical operation, specially in orthopedic surgery (dentists included here) I can't help but think that medical technology is embarrassingly underdeveloped.
    I mean, most of the time they look like glorified carpenters. They have the same set of tools, only cleaner and fancier, and they dress in sterilized white clothes, but all the drilling, hammering, gouging, stapling, sewing and sanding is just the same.

    • jwz says:

      Sure, but jaws really are the "mechanics" part of your biology, not the "chemistry" part...

      • Steve Nordquist says:

        Say that when you just leave your teeth in the bay to unjam the desalination filters of jellyfish and eat. [Ad for tea that gets you zooming so hard you can sleep on your cloud provider and VM of choice.]

        Teeth give important second opinion to olfactory ganglion and apparently foster some kinds of stem cell (for -all- the times we need to grow spare organs. Can you imagine there was a sliver of history in which headshots were considered extra-problematic?)

    • Elusis says:

      Oh, for hip replacements, they're apparently literally hammering the new joint into the leg bone with... hammers. Like from Home Depot. It is to barf.

      But at least most of them don't randomly jam screws into your spine all willy nilly.

    • nooj says:

      I encourage you to help develop and support better solutions.

      • rcn says:

        Hey, the fact that I criticize something doesn't mean that I know how to do it better. As a software person, I just tend to look down upon other hardware-oriented technical fields: "Look at them, they actually have to build that by smashing things together and using their own hands, like animals!".

        Also, as a software person, what do I know? Our technology kind of evolves backwards.

        • BHN says:

          Software is a meat thing, like travel.

        • nooj says:

          I work in this field, and we need software people as much as hardware people!

          For instance, the FDA has now approved its first software analysis tool as a medical device! Software! And not like "a physical object with an embedded cpu and firmware" -- we're talking straight-up "upload your CT scan into the cloud and we calculate a percentage, and give you a pdf to help interpret the value." There is a web interface that is now an FDA-approved medical device!

          For the above issue of a root canal, perhaps the best solution is prevention and better tooth care for young adults. Anyone who has ever had a root canal will tell you, you should take better care of your teeth. "Smart" toothbrushes are a dime a dozen, and they all suck (ie, have not been shown to improved care). Perhaps you can think of one that works! What do you know? I don't know, but you know things I don't know, and so maybe you can find solutions I can't.

          I wasn't being a dick. I mean, often I am, but in this case my response is the same. So I say again, I encourage you to help develop and support better solutions. We need them.

          • Steve Nordquist says:

            Wow, thanks. Still simultaneous revulsion and hope that AsGodsKidNeighborMadeYou.ToothSabot.(SHA1(uniq)) bills $20k OTT then shares with the surgeon and/or part time electrician.

            Looking forward to the chart mapping awesomeness between Code4America-ish 'We patched an Army vuln that makes it less likely that S2S missiles fire backwards' and 'Our UX captures a reasonable fix to the way Steve Bannon looks and possibly acts.'

          • Nate Olson says:

            Just a nitpick. That isn't a root canal. It's a dental implant. I have one, and when I describe the entirety of the year-long ordeal to people they get queasy. The video also doesn't include the usually necessary bone graft! There's also a very tiny torque wrench.

            • cthulhu says:

              Yup, I had this done recently too on a molar. First a failed micro-endodontic root canal (they have to start the root canal to find out if the tooth is strong enough to finish the process); then some weeks later the tooth extraction and bone graft (bovine minerals, no less); four months later, drilling and tapping through the bone graft area into the jaw, then screwing the titanium implant into place (the tiny torque wrench makes its first appearance!); then after three months, taking all the final measurements for the implant post and the crown; then a month later, torquing down the implant post (the tiny torque wrench makes its final appearance!) and glueing in the crown. Almost exactly one year from excruciating pain in the bad tooth to new crown mounted to titanium implant. All caused by an ancient silver-mercury amalgam filling cracking the tooth after 35 years.

              And the tiny torque wrench really is like a conventional torque wrench, just much smaller. The dentist (for the implant post) or the oral surgeon (for the actual implant) just ratchets the thing down, like torquing down a cylinder head or a lug nut. High priced mechanics, forsooth!

  4. anon3494 says:

    Utterly horrifying.

  5. My dad used to do this.

  6. I have one of these, it was surprisingly painless, and now my tooth doesn't hurt. I'm glad I was knocked out though.

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