'Incoming missile' test message inadvertently sent out to all airmen at Spangdahlem Air Base

"The individuals involved in the error have been counseled and their leadership is using the incident as a learning opportunity."

It wasn't enough time to cause widespread panic but it was just enough time for someone to take a screen shot of the image and post it to social media, causing the wing some embarrassment as people poked fun at the error on Facebook and it was first reported by Air Force Times. [...]

"One of the command post controllers was building a template for this specific thing that was posted," McGarry told Stars and Stripes on Thursday. "And he inadvertently sent it to everybody," when it was supposed to be sent to only one person as a test message.

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  1. Trying to decide where to go for WWIII

  2. Not Frank says:

    The "Oh, shit" emoji really sells it.

  3. kwk442 says:

    I don't normally test, but when I do...

  4. margaret says:

    Not now James, we're busy.

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