PSA: It's January. Have you done your off-site backup yet?


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  1. James says:

    These days my offsite site is just a "fireproof" box the garage. That is still better than the vast majority of corporate IT practice these days.

  2. nooj says:

    I'd like to think that's a damn huge Ouija board!

  3. Bob Frobber says:

    I don't believe in offsite backups. Losing data builds character.

    • Joe says:

      true dat. just like forgetting a gpg passphrase

      • k3ninho says:

        shhh, I'm working hard on some Friday night braindamage and my new passphrase isn't going too slide out of the grey matter without help.


  4. hellpé says:

    Out of curiosity, what kind of external enclosures do you use? I have myself implemented the Zawinski procedure with a pair of cheap "Advance Quick Disk USB 2.0 BX-306BK" enclosures (didn't have USB3 on my desktop at the time). Didn't have to actually use it fortunately, but it's reassuring to know that my data is safely backed up without relying on some fancy cloud.

    • jwz says:

      I don't even remember. It's SATA2 on the inside and USB on the outside. Such things are irrelevant these days.

      • Andrew Klossner says:

        That looks like a "Macally 3.5-Inch Aluminum SATA to eSATA and USB 3.0 Storage Enclosure". I have several of them, including one that I use for monthly off-site backup of the NAS in my house. (And no, I haven't done this month's backup yet.)

        • jwz says:

          Yeah probably.

          What I could really use is cheap external SATA2 drive enclosures with physical non-momentary non-EnergyStar™ power switches so that they actually fucking mount after a power failure without you having to press the candy-like button. (And no, jimmying the button to be always depressed, or just shorting it out, does not work.)

          • Miguelitosd says:

            I got tired of external enclosures and similar issues and finally went with some older variant of these docks with a physical power button. I just save the static bags and store/trasport them that way, plug or unplug as needed.

  5. TravisD says:

    What, you don't just keep it in the clown?

  6. margaret says:

    apropos of nothing, i pronounce "jwz" as "jizz". also, any new signs at the residence?

  7. robert_ says:

    Maybe jwz should offer to make DNA Lounge an offline hard drive storage location, for a small fee. Everybody wins.

    • Jason says:

      Heh. "DNA Lounge Data Storage Services. Now accessible via infrared uplink to some apartment on a hill with a DSL line."

  8. Miguelitosd says:

    I set up my own multi-tiered backup strategy ages ago. I have my tier-1 or "hot" backups to a large synology via various means. My huge (7.8T) itunes library is just via rsync, my linux server and macbook are backed up to it via rsnapshot to an iscsi lun.

    My tier-2 is my "off-site" where I have 2 sets of external disks I swap out ~monthly with one set locked in my desk at work. The linux/mac backups are a simple disk that I plug into a pretty standard USB/SATA adapter. The itunes backups are 2 identical Lacie 2Bigs with 2x6T striped disks in them that just use Time Machine.

    Haven't completely lost anything yet since using this setup. (fingers crossed)

    I'm basically backing up against failed drives and/or something like theft/fire.. not so much my own mistakes. I could still lose data the latter way, if I didn't catch it before enough backups ran again.

  9. Matt Black says:

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  10. As I re-read PSA: backups all I could think was "ah, the good old days when you could simply replace a MacBook's HD…"

  11. XuppdduX says:

    nope... clickity clicking on my old VM-machine folder, /// because my NEWlyinstalledportable-VBOX says adding it back in was a duplicate-error /// and poof deleted my vdi ... ...