Portal for Apple ][

Portal for Apple ][

While attempting to travel to the future to get a copy of Portal 3. I accidentally traveled to alternate-1987 and obtained a copy of Portal 1 for the Apple II!

In actuality I originally just planned to do the end credits. But the Apple II high-res mode has the perfect Aperture Science orange and blue colors, and one thing led to another...

Source code. 13k.

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  1. deater says:

    If you look at the project webpage, the one picture of the Apple II has a Raspberry Pi3 and serial breakout sitting next to it, left over from when I was trying to help out with the hardware flow control problem.

    You might also enjoy the webserver I wrote, also in Apple II Applesoft BASIC: applesoft webserver
    That one cheats a bit more, as the ethernet card does TCP/IP offload so the BASIC program mostly just has to talk at the socket level.

  2. phuzz says:

    In related news, streaming video using a SNES and two NESs. (One NES for each side of a stereo signal).

  3. Have you seen the version of Portal for the TI-83 Plus calculator? It was not mentioned in the list of "Previously" links.


  4. David Konerding says:

    I can't believe that when I had an Apple II i couldn't get decent graphics performance so I learned machine language. There were sprites built-in to Applesoft!!!

  5. nightbird says:

    OT: Cyberdyne Systems announces at CES 2017 their 835 processor, with on-chip support for neural networks and machine learning.


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