It's got what cows crave.

Red Skittles Spilling Onto Wisconsin Highway Were Headed for Cattle Feed. The candy leaking out of a collapsing box on the back of a truck was being used as an alternative to corn.

When a flatbed pickup truck carrying a large box of red Skittles spilled its contents on a Wisconsin road last week, it brought to light a bigger issue -- the candy's destination.

On Tuesday, January 17, the Dodge County Sheriff's Office posted on Facebook that they found hundreds of thousands of red Skittles covering a county highway. Mars, the candy's parent company, confirmed that the Skittles were not going to be packaged and sold because they were missing the classic letter 'S' marking each piece of candy.

Instead, the sheriff's office said the candy was going to be added to feed for cattle, a practice that Eater says has been going on for decades.

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  1. Matthew Platte says:

    The Russell Stover factory in Abilene Kansas used to sell its rejects to local hog farmers. That is, until the corporate honchos found out the plant manager(s) were pocketing the proceeds. Now the stuff goes into the county landfill.

    Also, after the broken espresso machine sat for over a year awaiting parts, same corporates decided to remove it and just sell crappy St*rbuks.

    Flyover country is in disarray.

    • Elusis says:

      This sounds to me rather like the way Whole Foods management handled it when they found out that some stores were marking damaged and out-of-date shelf goods 25 cents or a dollar, along with day-old baked goods, dairy closed to its expiry date, etc. and then making it available to employees. They claimed it was an "unauthorized employee benefit" and some stores were abusing it.

      I suggested that they deal with the abuse, rather than eliminating a benefit that was basically allowing their front-end and janitorial staff to feed their families.

      Not surprisingly, I didn't win this argument. "If we didn't authorize a benefit, no one should have it."

  2. winston says:

    New Zealand cows, by and large, eat nothing but grass. And a lot of visiting Americans whine that our beef doesn't taste as good as the "grain-fed beef" they can get at home. Now I know why. Mind you, I grew up in England, where pigs were fed rejected jaffa cakes ( - rejected on the grounds that either: the bit of vaguely orange flavoured sludge in the middle was not exactly centred in the layer that was a bit like a biscuit, or was not exactly circular - or: the brown stuff with a bit of cocoa in it that tasted a bit like chocolate did not fully cover the orange sludge.

    Also, I believe that Trump eats nothing but Skittles. That is definitely an alternative fact.

  3. apm74 says:

    Black market Skittles. From another article I saw, it sounds the same thing as the Russell Stover plant mentioned above, someone at the plant was selling reject Skittles on the side instead of disposing of them (or whatever they were supposed to be doing with non-standard Skittles).

  4. apm74 says:

    Final word: It was all a "miscommunication".

    "The candy maker also said that it only sells to third party processors that mix unused candy with other ingredients to make animal feed, not to individual farmers.

    Now Mars says the mishap was the result of miscommunication between a vendor that handles its waste management and a subcontractor. The company says it doesn't believe there was "ill intent" and that "corrective action" is being taken."

    Cows are meant to eat raw Skittles, just melted down ones. Duh.

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