All of these egg-breaking machines are extremely soothing.

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  1. thielges says:

    The yolk and white separator needs to be connected to the machine that creates this boiled egg loaf to complete the circle of life.

    And nice to see that if you don't need a delicate separation of yolk and white that there's an option to just shred the egg+shell and separate the two with a centerfuge. Ovo tech has both ends of the range covered.

  2. Aristotle says:

    I just hope they disinfect that shit properly. *shiver*

  3. Chas. Owens says:

    That one scared egg just won't go down the chute (starts being visible at 2m47s). You may find it soothing, but it is just building tension for me.

  4. Nathaniel Smith says:

    I'm weirdly disappointed that the machine in the preview image doesn't show up in the video.

  5. Robert says:

    What, no "ovipositor" tag?

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