2016 music wrap-up, and mixtape 177

I am very, very late with this, but hey, the last few months have left me a little distracted. It's nearly the end of January, and I had to face the fact that I'm just never going to find the time to do a lot of writing about this, so... ship it. As I've said in previous years, I feel that year-end lists like this aren't of much use if the author doesn't say something about what the music is or why they like it, but, well, that's not going to happen this year. Oh well.

So. In only approximate order of favoriteness -- and for the fourteenth year in a row -- and since I didn't force myself to write about them, the order and everything else about this is extremely approximate -- here is my year-end wrap-up. As usual, a few of the entries on the following list were released earlier than 2016, but that is when I discovered them, so I'm allowing some slack. Though most were actually released in 2016.

This year I acquired around 50% more new music as last year: roughly 90 new releases, almost all released within the last 3 years, roughly half released in 2016. That's up 17% from 2014 but still down 25% from 2013.

Number of those bands that I saw perform this year: 22.
Number of those bands that performed at DNA Lounge this year: 11.
Go team!

I like these things. You should like them too. Here's your shopping list:

And finally, here's mixtape 177, which includes one track by each of the above artists.

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This cafe is playing the Swayze classic, Red Dawn.

Someone has a dark sense of humor.


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