DNA Lounge: Wherein we are recruiting for a compilation album series.

The Bay Bridged wrote a great Hubba Hubba Revue review, including some very nice words about our current predicament: Hubba Hubba gets pulses racing with Soviet! (Also I really like saying "Revue review".) It was a great show as always. One of the props that they put up were a bunch of old Soviet flags. We left them up. My plan is to leave them up until Trump is impeached.

Keiko, the singer of Crashfaster, has volunteered to do a cool project on our behalf: she wants to put together a free monthly compilation album as a gift to our Patreon contributors. She says: "I'm calling on all artists who have benefitted from this space - whether you've played a show, enjoyed an event, made new friends, or ate too much pizza - to contribute a song or two for what I'm hoping is going to be a monthly ongoing compilation."

I think that's awesome! If you're interested, you can sign up here.

Have you joined the DNA Lounge Street Team group on Facebook? We've got about a hundred people who have joined so far, and to better understand what they/you are willing and able to help out with, we posted a little poll there the other day. It will help if we know what your special skills are. Also, you can add new entries to the poll if you think of something we've left out.

Sunday was the first night of a new event at Codeword: Noise Complaint is an all ages showcase of local punk bands. Every Sunday, just $5. You may have noticed that like half of the DNA Pizza staff are in punk bands. So yeah, we just turned over the place to them. The first one went really well and had a great turnout!

That was also our first live show at Codeword, but of course, the CW space has a long and storied history of punk rock.

Hey look, photos:

Monday Hubba
Hella Dope
Gene Loves Jezebel
Odd Salon
So Stoked

Monday Hubba
New Year's Rave-O-Lution
Bootie NYE
My Melody
Perturbator + Gost

Soviet Hubba
Noise Complaint