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Dear Lazyweb, every now and then "Add to Reading List" stops working in both Feedly and Reeder on my iPad. It says "Ok!" but when I switch to Safari, the link is not there. Sometimes it magically fixes itself, but usually not until I've already permanently lost 20+ links that I meant to read later.

One time, I was able to get this working again through some combination of:

  • Settings / Safari / Clear History and Website Data;
  • Settings / Safari / Advanced / Website Data / Remove;
  • Restarting both apps.

But I'm not sure which really did it.

Any idea what causes it, how to make it never happen again, or at least how to get a god damned error message saying "the god damned link was not god damned saved"?

Note that this is not a problem with iCloud not syncing the reading list between multiple devices -- it's not even making it to the local Safari reading list.

(You may be itching right now to tell me about some third party cloud bookmark tool. Please don't.)


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5 Responses:

  1. Dave Polaschek says:

    Not sure why it happens, but you're not losing your mind and it's not just you.

    I think we're not supposed to be paying that much attention and so we shouldn't notice the loss.

    • jwz says:

      The old USENET adage of "If it's good, you'll see it again" is still mostly true, but it's still annoying.

      • Dave Polaschek says:

        FWIW, It's even more annoying when it doesn't work in safari. You'd think that case might at least be able to tell you it failed.

  2. timdoug says:

    I experience the same thing -- third-party apps (Reeder and Tweetbot for me) silently drop reading list additions. I've had consistent "success" by opening the link in Safari and then using Safari's "Add to Reading List", but that's an annoying extra step.

  3. Gikiski says:

    I have noticed a kind of unpredictable queue. It has some limit. I can't enumerate it but, I know that if I go in and clear some of the visible ones, some of the invisible ones pop in at the top. Like "iCloud" holds these beyond the limit until you clear the active list. Unpredictable because I cannot count on the invisibles hanging around long -- or if that has some limit. I feel lucking when a lost one pops, though.

    Purely anecdotal.