DNA Lounge: Wherein I ponder music journalism that might have been.

When I started this blog back in 2000, it wasn't necessarily my intention that mine would be the only voice here, though that's how it turned out. I had always thought that something that would be really cool would be for this blog to have an interview with every band who ever played here. After all, they're in the building: we've got access. But I'm not a music journalist or a reporter. It's not my strong suit. I had hoped that somehow, magically, I would run into the person who had a fire in their belly to do this: someone whose first two Dream Jeopardy Categories are "writing" and "musicians". Someone who would be excited by the proposal of: you want to write about music, and I can put you in a room with all the music. Done.

I've never met that person, so that never happened.

We've had over six thousand different bands and headliner-level DJs since then, so that would have been a hell of a thing.