DNA Lounge: Wherein we don't get no respect, not even well-deserved disrespect.

Tomorrow: Shitshow!
Tonight: Titshow!
I am somewhat offended that SFist didn't mention us in "Bars To Avoid Like The Plague During Santacon On Saturday Because It's The Actual Plague" -- we're not even on the map, even though we have hosted the absolute shitshow of the Bootie Santacon After-Party every year since 2008! Apparently the food truck park down the street deserved a drunken-santa icon, but we didn't.

That's just not right.

Hey, remember when we used to have a parklet? On November 16, Barry wrote them again:

It has been since Sept 9 (8 weeks) since I have gotten any response.

It has been 19 weeks since we removed our parklet.

When can I put it back in?

When will construction actually start on our side of the street?

We had one of the construction workers ask us to sign a waiver that allows them to continue during the "Holiday Moratorium". We, of course, are happy to have that happen so we can get this over with.

Please get me some info.

They replied:

Thank you for your email. As you know, we've encountered some slight delays on the project. We appreciate you supporting the project moving forward during the holidays. The City typically doesn't allow work to occur between Thanksgiving Day and New Years Day on any block in which 50% or more of ground floor frontage is dedicated to retail unless business owners are in support of the work moving forward. At present, the contractor is contacting additional business owners on your block to ensure they're also in support of the work moving forward during the holidays. If the contractor has the necessary support to allow work between November 24 - January 1, crews may begin working on your block as early as November 28th. We'll be in contact in a few days to let you know if the contractor has been issued a waiver to the holiday moratorium or if work will be postponed until January.

Let's just let that sink in for a minute. The City does not allow any work to happen during "the holidays", which are defined to run from November 24th through January 1st. (And I guarantee you that when they say January 1st they really mean January 9th.)

"Slight delays" means "the construction you told us was starting on July 1 has not yet begun as of December 9, more than 5 months later".

"We'll be in contact in a few days" means "three weeks go by with no response". Then today, after getting "out of office autoreply" from nearly every person on the interminable CC list, we finally got:

The contractor is scheduled to commence demo work at your corner next week barring any weather delays. Please feel free to call me if you have additional questions/concerns. Thank you for your continued patience.

So "As early as November 29th" means "maybe by December 12th, unless there is Weather."

(Spoiler alert, there is Weather.)

That "thank you" is completely unwarranted, because if I have mistakenly given the impression that we are experiencing "patience" of any kind with this process, I must not have been clear.


Here, have some photos!

Ruby was awesome, but sparsely attended. The Bay Bridged has a review.

As has become traditional, we set up a full sized wrestling rink at the Bootie after Thanksgiving, since that is usually our slowest Bootie of the year by far. In that regard, it did not disappoint by failing to disappoint.

So Stoked: Kawaii
Bootie: Dranksgiving
Ruby + Halou + Containher
Bootie: Hubba Hubba Holiday Party

Facial Fitness PAO

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Previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously.

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Take A Selfie / Fake A Life

Camilo Matiz:

"This series of light sculptures confront [...uh huh...]. The same object displays differently in the mirror's reflection, as life [...oh give me a break...]."

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San Francisco's "earthy" new Hetch Hetchy blend

They are turning our atmosphere into their atmosphere:

The SFPUC is aware that customers in San Francisco and throughout our service area started to report taste and odor issues with their tap water on Thursday, December 1st. We understand that there continues to be a reported "earthy/musty" taste to the water. [...]

On average, 85% of the water we provide to you, our customers, comes from the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir. The rest of the water we supply comes from local Bay Area reservoirs. All of our reservoirs deliver high-quality water to 2.6 million customers throughout the Bay Area. As part of normal operations, our customers receive both local reservoir water and Hetch Hetchy water.

Why does your water taste different now?

The week of November 28th, our operators made routine operational changes to the system to bring local reservoir water levels down in anticipation of rains. This included taking water out of San Antonio Reservoir in the East Bay, and treating it at our Sunol Valley Water Treatment Plant. We also reduced the flow of water coming from Hetch Hetchy Reservoir. That operational activity stirred up sediments in the pipeline. Complaints tracked the flow of the sediments, San Antonio algae levels were extremely low, and standard odor tests were normal. Thus, the pipeline sediment was believed to be the initial source of the taste and odor issues.

Recent chemical testing in the system has shown the presence of a dissolved compound called Geosmin that is a natural byproduct of blue green algae in the water. Geosmin is found in foods like fish, grapes, wine, and beets. This dissolved compound is not harmful from a public health standard. However, this compound can cause taste and odor issues in the drinking water supply, even if there are extremely small amounts of it in the water (parts per trillion).

Press conference.

Bay Area: Do You Know Where Your Water Comes From?

The Bay Area water system is a byzantine patchwork of agencies -- more than 50 in all -- that provides water to customers. Some are the ones you see on your water bill. Others are middlemen that provide water to local agencies at the the wholesale level.

And some of that water makes a long journey. Southern California has the reputation for tapping far-flung sources for its water needs, but the Bay Area is in the same boat.

More than two-thirds of the Bay Area's water supply comes from outside the region, which means in extreme drought years like this one, local water districts are competing with many others around the state for limited supplies.

A Hoodline commenter said:

The reservoirs in Alameda and San Mateo counties are part of the SF Department of Water & Power system, as are other reservoirs upstream between SF and Hetch Hetchy. SF sells most of the water to other agencies on multi-decade contracts while using the electricity generated to power government facilities and Muni (power was originally supposed to be for citizens of SF). Blending has gone on for many years in order to balance storage and demand throughout the system. I've generally noticed a switch shortly after a few heavy rains in fall/winter and when algae requires additional chloramine. It will be interesting to hear feedback when local SF groundwater is added to the mix for the western half of the city in the near future.

...but in a quick search, I wasn't able to find a summary of what the economics of all this are, or the status of PG&E's presumed ongoing effort to strangle Clean Power SF.

I think it was in Paolo Bacigalupi's The Water Knife where someone characterized aquifers as buried glaciers: they spent a hundred thousand years accumulating and rolling south until they got spaded under, and now we're draining them three orders of magnitude faster than that.


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