Unsettling Dildo Of The Day:

1984 Dune Sandworm Toy: 13" poseable dong from beneath the desert surface.

"Although sandworms are feared by all on the planet Dune, Fremen Warriors have the ability to mount them and ride them into battle."

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Add to Reading List

Dear Lazyweb, every now and then "Add to Reading List" stops working in both Feedly and Reeder on my iPad. It says "Ok!" but when I switch to Safari, the link is not there. Sometimes it magically fixes itself, but usually not until I've already permanently lost 20+ links that I meant to read later.

One time, I was able to get this working again through some combination of:

  • Settings / Safari / Clear History and Website Data;
  • Settings / Safari / Advanced / Website Data / Remove;
  • Restarting both apps.

But I'm not sure which really did it.

Any idea what causes it, how to make it never happen again, or at least how to get a god damned error message saying "the god damned link was not god damned saved"?

Note that this is not a problem with iCloud not syncing the reading list between multiple devices -- it's not even making it to the local Safari reading list.

(You may be itching right now to tell me about some third party cloud bookmark tool. Please don't.)


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...and why did someone do this to my restroom? That's just nasty.

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