Meanwhile, at Trump Tower

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  1. Steve Kirks says:

    At some point I'm hoping that Herr Trump and gang become more like Colonel Klink that Hugo Chavez. BTW the 'They Live' Halloween was truly inspired.

  2. k3ninho says:

    When do the extremities of our fellow humans mean we give up on Godwin's Law?

    It is a thing about internet culture when that's happening in a safe space, a thing that seeks to protect progressive discusssion in that libertarian safe space. Time and events have taken us oustide the just-right Goldilocks parameters for the kind of conversations it is suited to. I would like to suggest a replacement but I'm bereft.


    • bq Mackintosh says:

      So, an interesting thing. Germans generally don't indulge in comparisons to Hitler, because Hitler isn't an abstract problem for them. He's real, and he's a real part of their history, and nobody else is that guy.

      National Socialism, though, that gets talked about directly and seriously. National Socialism isn't just one person, it's a persistent problem; and it didn't just happen in the past, it's a current and future thing.

      So Godwin's Law has always bothered me because it is based on the idea that any comparison to National Socialism (by extension) must be absurd, because pffft, like that ever happens any more.

      But this, kids? This is exactly how it happens. This isn't sky-is-falling crackpot hand wringing. This is the time to take serious stock of things that you yawned your way through in ninth grade Civics (Habeas Corpus, equal protection before the law, due process, & cetera) and realize that the phrase, "I'm not really interested in politics," is a luxury of the past.

      Because politics is really interested in you now.

      • Eli the Bearded says:

        Godwin's Law was never about discussing actual Nazis. It was about people on Usenet discussing editors, software libraries, moderators, and the like. It was about losing sight of proportion.

    • AnonUser says:

      What bothers me most about the election is that the people voting for Trump don't have that much to lose because they are goys. As a Jew I know that my "whiteness" is honorary and can be revoked just like the Muslims that some of Trump's appointees want to deport. The concerns of the working class goys are legitimate, but the worst they risk is losing healthcare, no-one is going to take away their citizenship or homes.