Today in Applied Demonology

kyliu99 "The next iPhone will be, I am told, a clear piece of glass." Magic, my friends, is real. We do not need engineers. We need wizards!
"Oh & also, evil sorcerers crippled our divination network Friday by getting millions of coffee makers & lightswitches to shout real loud"
"The problem, it turns out, is that smart coffee makers and lightswitches are pretty dumb, so it's easy to convince them to do stuff"
"Defense Against the Dark Arts specialist Bruce S asked, 'Why enchant your coffee maker so it can talk, just not to you?'"
cstross From 1990-2015 we were living in an 80s cyberpunk dystopia. 2016-2040: it's morphing into urban fantasy.
We're even close to getting rich, deranged, long-lived vampires.
Man, living in an urban fantasy universe has got to suck EVEN HARDER than living in a cyberpunk dystopia.
I mean, forget the Vampire LeStat or sparkly teen-stalkers, we're getting objectivist billionaire Trump-supporter vampires!
mhoye "Objectivist Billionaire Trump-Supporting Wannabe-Vampire" seems like a pretty snug Venn diagram. Lot of semantic redundancy there.
cstross I Thiel your pain.
jwz "Internet of Things as Applied Demonology" is my favorite part of this dystopia! We've actually implemented Animism. It's glorious.
How can we do a greater favor for our paranoid schizophrenic brothers and sisters than by literally making their dreams come true?

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7 Responses:

  1. mbourgon says:

    Well, that's certainly a board with a high S/N ratio. Where was that?

  2. k3ninho says:

    You've read cstross' Laundry Files series, right?


  3. halcy says:

    I've found that "astral space layout randomization" is not actually a phrase google has any results for right now, which really is very disappointing.

  4. Matt S Trout says:

    One of my partners has psychosis, and is finding 2016 intensely aggravating because it keeps generating false positives in their "this is probably a hallucination" detection heuristics.

  5. Peter says: seems like it should be a "Previously" link...

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