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Just in time for Halloween, Jack Chick has died, so it's a great time to re-watch The Light of the World, his 2003 feature-length love letter to Roman Catholics, Homosexuals, Dungeons & Dragons players, Jews, Fornicators and Children of All Ages.

Unfortunately, the movie has been taken down from Youtube, but there is a working torrent of it here. It really is quite amazing. It is mostly a slow series of Ken Burns-style pans across a large set of oil paintings, but those paintings... So much care! So much hate!

You really should play this in the background of every Halloween party ever.

From 2000, let's re-visit Why We're Here:

Have you seen Oglaf 's Sithrak Tracts? They are glorious and informative and make excellent stocking stuffers.

Also, here's a terrifying animation of Chick's Somebody Goofed tract.

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  1. Anonymous coward says:

    No mention of the great Dark Dungeon, the movie?
    Linky link
    It's pretty fun for those of us that do play RPG.

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