SFMTA removes guerrilla bicycling safety improvements, parks in bike lane while doing so.

SFMTA removed safety infrastructure on Folsom St. and they need an email from you!

Within hours of our work being featured on the front page of the Chronicle, the SFMTA removed posts on Folsom at Division that protected cyclists at a busy intersection for weeks. To add insult to injury, the SFMTA worker blocked the bike lane with his truck while removing our posts.

Over the past few weeks, SFMTA has prioritized removing our safety infrastructure over adding new infrastructure. They've removed safety features on Crossover, Geary, Valencia, Scott, and now Folsom. Sadly, just yesterday a cyclist was hit in the Valencia bike lane and was hospitalized. It is clear that the organization in charge of San Francisco street safety doesn't take the welfare of our cyclists and pedestrians seriously.

Please email the city leaders we've listed below. Feel free to use our template or write your own message. We want the city to know that (1) the posts on Folsom made you more safe (2) you want those posts to be replaced with something as good or better, and (3) that you demand immediate safety improvements while long term street transformations are developed.

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12 Responses:

  1. I'm considering carrying Silly String for use on vehicles illegally using the bike lane.

  2. James says:

    Does the shadow public safety department have a gofundme?

    • James says:

      Ah, their PayPal is on their Twitter profile but not their website yet?

      • jwz says:

        That PayPal link doesn't work, but this one seems to.

        They raised some money on Kickstarter clone Tilt last month.

        • James says:

          Awesome; I appreciate that they put it in the "Get Involved" section and not the front page. They know they need volunteer effort more than money, but I hope they get financially rewarded for their excellent work.

          I wonder if it would be possible to set them up with a payout so when their legislative goals are met, e.g. the city takes over installing and maintaining their suggested improvements, they could return donors' money. If it were possible to set up a WeFunder (the dominant SEC Regulation Crowdfunding site) to do that it would be fantastic. Politics are already de facto for profit now, so why not formalize it?

  3. Joe Luser says:

    The official derp from SFMTA is that removing the bollards is necessary so that street sweepers can pass through. It's super great to know that the city government is prioritizing cleanliness over human lives.

    • Not that Jamie says:

      Eh. It is inevitable that they'll be taking these down. And from an intraday-governmental-department standpoint, the that answer probably even makes some degree of sense.

      They just need to keep looking ridiculous in the news until they start doing shit themselves.

      • James says:

        Someone is going to make a lot of money selling narrow streetsweepers?

        • SFMTA already has the narrow streetsweepers. The real official derp is that they have to remove the unapproved posts because It's The Law. And the godbotherers who double-park all over on Sundays, well that's completely different.

  4. Turd Ferguson says:

    These partitions do not make it more safe to bicycle. It removes bicycles from the standard thought process of drivers, making anything you do outside of the protected area that much more dangerous. I have found it most safe to either ride entirely in traffic, obeying laws as a car would, or in unprotected bike lanes where I am clearly visible to automobiles. I've been nearly turned-into more times than I can count while in these protected lanes, and I swear it's because cars assume you're not really a cyclist, that you're some kind of pedestrian on their own little sidewalk. I'd much prefer to see efforts put into better signage for cars, increased cyclist presence in drivers manuals, and proper road marking where necessary. These pylons will not stop someone from running you over, and will change the mindset of otherwise normal drivers.

    • Andres says:

      Sigh. I wish Vehicular Cyclists would all just go move to the middle of nowhere, where they can happily spend their days taking the lane on winding country roads before getting run over by some douchebag texting while driving his SUV.

      • jwq says:

        I wish people who snipe with ad-hominem comments would instead just pull up a steaming-hot cup of SFTU.

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