Normally when I post a picture I think is awesome, I do some research to track down the original source. But due to the Great Internet Attribution Crisis, all I can tell you at this time is that this image became popular on Pinterest in 2012...

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8 Responses:

  1. Erica Mulkey says:

    Pinterest ruins so many reverse image searches :(

    • Katjia says:

      When you do a google reverse image search, you can use the minus sign as an exclude operator so pinterest is kept out of the result. I wish I could set it by default.

    • Nate says:

      Ironic that she forgot the "V", given her Instagram name.

      • Mark says:

        @Nate comments on Lauren Beckman's Instagram page suggest it's an intentional omission to spark conversation:

        jarradmcquillan: You forgot the V @venomtoyaveins
        _space_cowgirl_: @JarradMcQuillan it's in her panties

  2. JR says:

    While we're hanging out in a comments section trashing useless reverse image search results, Google has done something spectacularly stupid:

    1. It tries to use 'computer vision' to figure out what's in the photo
    2. Then it adds its best guess to a text-based search and does that search
    3. Then it shows you results for the text search of that single vague keyword.

    ...which is how I end up getting the lyrics to Ed Sheeran's Photograph from a reverse image search of pretty much any black-and-white image. It seems like a good idea but I'd expect the folks at google to look through the categories of 'best guess' words and remove the ones that are guaranteed to be useless.

  3. One thing Twitter gets very right is that retweets are the original tweet, not a new branch. Unless someone uses the old manual RT style of retweet, argh hate those people so much kill kill murder.

  4. k3ninho says:

    I misread 'ouija' as 'wouldya?' and then this art made me feel uncomfortable.