He is lying! an eagle cries.


Darkness had carved its spires into the soil and I was carried into them. The flames had delivered my state into her arms. From there the path was clear, yet, I am uncertain. How can one ascertain the way, even with clear guidance, when the timelime is shrouded. My reasoning lies with the continuous ticking of the clock, though the course is clearly shown, it is ever changing until the instance that it breaks untimely. The sun moves, surely this is known, in a single day and still its methods are unknown to me. I place my future in your hands, please I beg you show me the way. The perception of the vibrations has left me. The Goddess is spiteful. The pain will only amplify from now on if I continue on this path. I must ask for forgiveness, but how does one make an appeal to the Goddess? Please tell me what I must do to please her so that she may forgive me!

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  1. ContextSans says:

    This story combined with this gif suddenly reminds me of an ex-boyfriend...

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