A good round-up of the ongoing Yahoo tire-fire

(This illustration is epic.)
"Over 500 million pwned, you'll never know Y!"

Just when things were looking really bad for Yahoo... it got worse. On Tuesday, Reuters dropped a bombshell from yet another unnamed source with an axe to grind against the purple menace. According to "three former employees and a fourth person apprised of the events," Yahoo "last year secretly built a custom software program to search all of its customers' incoming emails for specific information provided by U.S. intelligence officials." [...]

At this point, it was clear that every reporter sucking the teat of a source had forgotten to ask what Stamos and his team were doing, exactly, during the biggest hack in history. And why no one said a damn thing while millions (possibly billions) of innocent people had their sensitive info sold and re-sold on various black markets for years.

BTW, if you were foolish enough to store photos in the Clown on Flickr that you don't have local copies of and are now scrambling to download them all, you might find my galdown script helpful.

And this is your perennial reminder to install 1Password.

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  1. Stewart says:

    Ugh, so I'll need to once again look for another online photo/video backup system that provides a decent interface for browsing/organising photos, and allows me to automatically slurp up all the photos from my wife and my devices without having to remember to start an app or whatever. Suggestions welcome, though I'm going to limp along until Flickr flames out.

  2. I have copies of all my Flickr pix, but what I don't have is the metadata. Need to get busy on that. I actually did the first tiny step, which is a script to generate hashes of the Flickr copies and local copies and match them up. Next step is larger: decide what metadata to save.

    I've always wanted someone to write a multi-way photo site interoperation hub. Worried now that the someone will be me.

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