The Recall Ed Lee Campaign Has Officially Begun

The Recall Ed Lee Campaign Has Officially Begun:

The Department of Elections just finally released the Official Petition to Recall Ed Lee after 5 separate tries. The recall attempt is now beginning in earnest. They need to get 60,000 signatures in the next 160 days.

Let's get this out of the way right here and now: Ed Lee's time as mayor of San Francisco has had the effect of being the fourth horseman of the apocalypse for San Francisco. Under his watch, rents skyrocket upwards, long-time residents of the city are being evicted, and homelessness is reaching epidemic proportions. If Lee has been at war with the soul of San Francisco, it could not be more apparent. For a man who was handed the coveted title of Mayor of San Francisco by Gavin Newsom, Lee opted to fuck a gift horse in the mouth in his process of snuggling up to criminals and big businesses and turning his back on the residents of San Francisco. [...]

Are you an SF resident and want to help the Recall Ed Lee Campaign? It's as easy as lending your signature to the recall petition! They will be collecting them in front of the San Francisco Public Library Wednesday to Saturday from noon to five. You can also get involved and stay up to date by joining the Recall Mayor Ed Lee FB page. Let's get this shit bag out so we can restore our magnificent home to its gleaming glory.

Tech Billionaire Ron Conway Getting "Every Tech Employer" To Send Workers His Voter Guide:

Yesterday Joe Eskenazi tweeted this email from Ron Conway in which Conway tries to use his weight to get every tech employer to vote his way. This is not the first time he's done this. SF Magazine reported on the same scheme last year. [...]

While yes it is technically legal it is hella shady. The main difference between an activist group or a union sending out a voter guide is that they do not employ the people they are targeting. Ron Conway has invested in over 500 tech companies and while none of those are listed in the letter, the "and many others" obviously implies he will be sending this to the CEOs of the companies who need Ron Conway's money for more backing. That is some fucked up shit!

It's also shady that he's asking the CEOs pretend that it's just some random voter guide they came across instead of one sent to them BY THE GUY WHO PAYS THEM MONEY. Come on Ron we knew you were a slimy creep but this is taking it too far.

What kind of slimy creep? I'm glad you asked! Ron Conway is also the guy who bank rolled Ed Lee's Reelection campaign -- after Ed Lee enacted tax breaks for the companies Ron Conway invests in (like twitter and AirBnB). Ron Conway also drops hundreds of thousands of dollars into local campaigns to smear the reputations of solid progressive candidates who are running against people Conway backs. Independent expenditure committees funded by Conway have put out propaganda in this election suggesting that a vote for Jane Kim is an endorsement of domestic violence. He did the same thing against David Campos in 2014.

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Collectible porcelain plates of German nuclear power plants

Monuments of error - hope of yesterday - folklore of tomorrow:

"Wall plates stand for home, idyll, nostalgia, for windmills in Delfter blue. What windmills used to be today are nuclear power plants today: energy structures. Their iconic silhouettes characterize the landscape and thus our homeland. As cathedrals of a technological worldview, they promised independence and infinite growth."

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Fernando Vicente:

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