Normally when I post a picture I think is awesome, I do some research to track down the original source. But due to the Great Internet Attribution Crisis, all I can tell you at this time is that this image became popular on Pinterest in 2012...

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Seeking electric motor for serious relationship


I need a better motor for my curtain automation. I've tried several models, and they all only last two or three months before they strip their internal gears. So my current procedure is, "buy a new motor every two months." This is not a good system.

I figured the motors would just stall out before stripping gears. They are straining, but never reach the point where they actually stop turning. But no, eventually something cracks.

I'm driving the motors with with this board, which is 12vdc and has a 1.2a max stall current, so I've tried these motors, and stripped the internal metal gears on all of them, multiple times:

I'm kind of puzzled by this, because except for the 227:1 1.1A, they are not stalling out! They strain a bit at the end, but they keep turning. I expected that the failure mode I would be repeatedly experiencing would be that the motor is fine and the driver board melts. But somehow, even without the motor ever getting stuck, it's just shattering internally. (Applying power directly results in the shaft not rotating at all, or rotating only partially then getting stuck, so it's definitely that the gearbox has committed internal suicide.)

I need to find a quiet, fast motor with like, 350+ oz-in torque. Bidirectional, constant speed. And if it has more than a 1.1A stall, or if it needs more than 12vdc, I need to find a driver board to run it with. I don't even really know where to look. You'd think lots of people would want to move heavy things with a small box.


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XScreenSaver 5.36

XScreenSaver 5.36 is out now!

Five new hacks this time, all by me: discoball, cubetwist, cubestack, splodesic and hexstrut. Plus some other stuff.

(You can always tell that my business is in a disastrous, sphincter-puckering freefall when I start spending a lot of time writing screen savers to distract myself from it. Hooray.)

Anyway, I'm particularly fond of how splodesic came out. It's blows up very soothingly and the colors are nice.

Fun fact: discoball was inspired by one very particular broke-ass, dusty disco ball at a local concert venue, which I have been staring up at a few times a month for many years. See if you can guess which. I'm not a fan of disco balls. I think they are the world's cheesiest lighting instrument, just a step up from christmas tree lights stuffed in a plastic bag. Consider this saver to be my editorial on that topic.

The iOS and Android versions are out now too.

If you're an Android developer, we could use your help sanding down the remaining rough edges on that port. The android/README contains a todo list.

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