I'm glad that the new Jurrasic Park series, by which I mean Westworld, jumped right in with Galactica Season 5 levels of dumb to save us all a lot of wasted time.

Here are my predictions:

Rapey Ed Harris discovers the corporate or military conspiracy to replace people with robots, a la Dollhouse.

Enigmatic Hannibal Lecter has secretly given the robots souls. Oh noes.

Tubby Comic Relief Guy learns to be a Real Hero while rescuing his family, because It's All About Family.™

Halfway through, cue the ham-handed softball religious mysticism. There's going to be more God-bothering than nano in this so-called "science fiction."

At least one scientist is actually a velociraptor robot.

Some of the robots are wait for it... more human than the humans. VAT A TVIST!

It's almost a certainty that, just like in Humans, the robots will be easily partitioned into either "toaster" or "completely human slave", and reviewers will scratch their chins and echo a press release that this "an exploration on what it means to be human", when actually, no, it's anything but that. Like Peter Watts said about Humans, which I strongly suspect will apply here as well: "What a pleasant 101-level introduction to AI for anyone who's never thought about AI before, who's unlikely to think about AI again, and who doesn't like thinking very hard about much of anything."

For a science fiction writer, Michael Crichton seems to really hate scientists. And science. And science fiction.

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40 minutes of extremely soothing artisanal Nixie tube production.

Dalibor Farný:

The nixie tube is a vintage display device which had been used until 70s when it was replaced with LED displays. The complex knowledge of manufacture of nixie tubes literally died with tube factory's engineers, glassblowers and machine operators.

I discovered nixie tubes in 2011 and since then, I've devoted all my time to studies of nixie tubes and its manufacturing processes. After years of intensive work, with help of many people, I eventually succeeded and have revived the knowledge and equipment for production of nixie tubes.

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