Hosaka Ono-Sendai Cyberspace 7. Gen 13 Maas-Neotek™ Biochip. Sendai standard dermatrode adapter. Sense/Net compatible Simstim.

This thing is glorious. And I need all of those stickers for my payphone.

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8 Responses:

  1. DJSundog says:

    Source for a couple of the stickers:

    Highly recommended, talented artist and a nice person.

  2. CTD says:

    Never underestimate the cool factor of red spraypaint.

  3. Is that...a commodore 128 under all that?

    • hillu says:

      Custom Built Cyberdeck: Chassis - C-64c, CPU -Raspberry Pi3,Video - VGA to monitor or Video-glasses, Video2 - 5"LCD, I/O - Ethernet WiFi Bluetooth US"

  4. kcnickerson says:

    brilliant! - need to go into the garage now and dig up my old 64. love this project, nicely done.

  5. Waider says:

    Now I want to read Neuromancer again.

    (I always liked that Gibson was vague about what a cyberspace deck actually consisted of, or how it functioned.)

  6. Doc says:

    Most of the stickers look to be from Wolf Creative...

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