Carpenter Brut had a very lackadaisical approach to cable management.

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  1. Ben says:

    They're not allowed anywhere near the datacenter, with that kind of work.

  2. And equipment racks!

  3. Tim says:

    Disappointed the Apple logo isn't replaced with an upside-down cross or CB's recursive pentagram logo.

    • jwz says:

      It is remarkably hard to make a sticker cover and fully block out the glowing Apple. Fortunately I solved that problem. You should all buy some.

      • the hatter says:

        The stickers are certainly a thing of beauty, though I notice even your example suffers from the edges somewhat curling up. I didn't know if it was my fault (they took a long route from there to here). Any wisdom on helping fix that before applying them, and is there something that might be done by the printers when you eventually run out and need more ?

        I was worried they'd start a bit curled, then end up peeling more over time, but actually it's stuck and not gone anywhere in 3 years.

        • jwz says:

          Yeah, they seem to roll a bit before they've been applied to a surface, but after that they stay put. I have a stack of them in my wallet and they haven't curled at all, so perhaps just clamping them flat for a while will fix it?

  4. Paul Rain says:

    Could they do anything else, aesthetically speaking?

  5. MattyJ says:

    My brain is lazy, too, and my physical desktop looks a lot like that cable knot. But I know exactly where everything is. My guess is they can tear down and re-build that getup in record time, exactly the same way every time.

  6. Well, as the Ramones put it so many years ago "The TSA took my cables away".

    We had to scavenge the venue for a bunch of specific cables since the TSA held up one of their bags for extra probing.

  7. Geoff Smith says:

    This is like the opposite problem EBM acts have with their keyboards and cables.

  8. John Adams says:

    Yeah because they only have a left and right from their laptop.