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I've installed the Postmatic Social Commenting plugin on the jwz and DNA blogs, so now you can auth using Twitter, Facebook or Google, rather than lying to me about your identities directly. It seems to work pretty well. Let me know if you notice any problems.

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18 Responses:

  1. Karellen says:

    Just checking we can still comment if we're not on Twitter, Facebook or Google...

  2. Chad D Altenburg says:

    I just clicked then Facebook picture thingy, and like, I wanna see if this post will show up.

  3. Jim Bob says:

    In this context, what constitutes "fake," exactly?

    • jwz says:

      Reachability and continuity of identity. I am not interested in entertaining the opinions of people who leave drive-by comments signed with

      • John R Bloom says:

        I've gone so long without buying a domain name just to have a "vanity" email address. It's been years. I've been good. But the urge to legitimately have might be too strong.

        • k3ninho says:

          I saw was available yesterday, but the punchline said by this 'nope' guy of "Sir, many people disregard my opinions too quickly; I have become used to it." is something I only figured out this afternoon.

          This is Jamie's space and he's [blushes] a legend in my book -- no matter how great the lulz I imagine that would be, it's kind of crappy.


          • Noah Pearl says:

            Sir, I really was disturbed by how quickly my opinions were disregarded. And you say this is Lulz? FML, literally.


  4. Laura Rubin says:

    Next question - does it fix my user icon? And how easy does this make it for people to stalk me?

  5. It appears to work. I wonder if this will lead to more commenting (frictionless login) or less (fear of revealing our banal selves, like the mutant bikers/high school teachers in Weird Science).

  6. Chris says:

    Will my marginal comments still make it through?

  7. anon3494 says:

    I don't think this will make any difference.

  8. Bill Paul says:

    All I see after the "Or authenticate with:" prompt is the WordPress icon. I see no bookface or twitscape icon. I am logged into my bookface account as I type this, however my e-mail address and website address aren't being filled in correctly. (Somehow it's decided to use my gmail address, which is not the primary contact address on my bookface account, and the website field is blank.) I'm filling in the website field with my bookface ID just to see if it picks up my avatar image correctly.

    The Aristocrats.

  9. renok says:

    filler text for your Email input isn't completely readable.