Gallium sound waves

Thump Identity:

The usage of the Cymatic Gallium instead of the water pools was a creative push to create something novel by utilizing a material that had rarely been affected by audio-driven vibrations before. Gallium is special its low melting point of roughly 85 degrees F, allowing it to melt at body temperatures. The setup was to allow the liquid metal to vibrate across a black acrylic plane, swirling in recessed typographic pools that collectively made up the construct of the Thump logo.

To create the organic ripples that affected the Gallium, the team hooked up a series of Synthesizers and cultivated a series of custom built sine-wave frequencies from a large speaker that caused the metal troughs resting on it to ripple and form detailed sound wave patterns. These sounds were then synchronized with the camera's frame-rate, thus achieving the time frozen formation look, and also were used in the final sound design and mix so the visual feedback felt real and authentic.

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