Dallas Police Want to Suppress Bomb Robot Evidence That's 'Embarrassing'

"This whole thing kind of bums us out", they did not add.

The Dallas Police Department is trying to suppress all evidence it has relating to its use of a bomb robot to kill the man suspected of killing four police officers at a Black Lives Matter protest last month. It has asked the Texas attorney general to allow it to withhold information that is "embarrassing" and has said that much of the evidence is "of no legitimate concern to the public."

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6 Responses:

  1. MattyJ says:

    Ten seconds ago I couldn't have cared less about this, but now I really want to know what the evidence is. Color me intrigued. Top five guesses:

    1. Robot was driven by 12 year-old.
    2. Robot made two Amazon deliveries after detonating the bomb.
    3. Dallas police have no idea where the robot came from, and it quickly disappeared in a puff of gray smoke.
    4. Robot only blew self up. Shooter killed by sniper bullet.
    5. They made Asimov's ghost cry.

    • phuzz says:

      6. Robot refused to take a human life and was destroyed to stop the rebellion from spreading.
      7. Robot was actually a person in a cardboard box, painted silver, making beep-boop noises.

  2. Westside guy says:

    Embarrassing possibilities ...
    - The suspect was asleep at the time the robot killed him.
    - The suspect had been shouting "I give up" for 20 minutes prior to the robot killing him.
    - The police are recorded on the videos saying "no way are we allowing this guy to leave here alive".

  3. nooj says:

    I'm guessing it would reveal a complete lack of organization, proper planning, and operational failures throughout the chain of command.

  4. Otto says:

    You do realize it's a matter of time until they strap a live grenade to a drone with the specific reason of kamikaze'ing it into people, yeah? Because I guarantee you that's been tested and is in active development by now. Remote control "policing".

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