Time Flies: Levitating Nixie Clock

This is amazing:

Once set up correctly it will hover above the base for as long as it is powered, displaying the time and date on digits of glowing metal and glass. Needing no batteries, the nixie clock is powered from the base without wires and will operate without interruption for months or years. No charging is required, it just floats and works.

I think it's a little weird that they went with 5 tubes instead of 6, and are spending a whole tube on punctuation. But it still looks like magic.

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Mark your calendars

Upcoming events of note:

Thu, Aug 04:   Poliça @ Independent
Thu, Aug 04:   Pixel Memory, Sophia Prize, Vicereine @ Bottom of the Hill
Fri, Aug 5-7:   Outside Lands
Wed, Aug 10:   SF Electrofest @ Brick and Mortar
Thu, Aug 11-12:   Freq.Fest.SF @ DNA Lounge
Fri, Aug 19:   The Coathangers @ The Independent
Thu, Aug 25:   Nina Diaz @ DNA Lounge
Fri, Aug 26:   Belly @ Great American Music Hall
Thu, Sep 01:   3 Teeth @ DNA Lounge
Sun, Sep 04:   Vela Eyes, Psychic Love @ Brick and Mortar
Fri, Sep 09:   Turbo Drive: Delorean Overdrive @ DNA Lounge
Fri, Sep 16:   Highasakite @ Popscene
Sun, Sep 18:   Revolting Cocks @ DNA Lounge
Fri, Sep 30:   Pig @ DNA Lounge
Thu, Oct 06:   Tsunami Bomb @ DNA Lounge
Thu, Oct 06:   Shonen Knife @ DNA Lounge
Fri, Oct 07:   Turbo Drive: Night Club @ DNA Lounge
Tue, Oct 11:   The Julie Ruin @ The Fillmore
Wed, Oct 26:   La Femme @ Rickshaw Stop
Wed, Nov 30:   The Naked and Famous @ Fox

What have you got?

I'm undecided on Outside Lands, but if you are going and we actually know each other, let me know...

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DNA Lounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein it's been a Code Yellow weekend.

Star Trek Beyond

It's pretty dumb, doesn't make a whole lot of sense, and has the kind of disregard for basic physics that you'd expect from 2 Fast 2 Federation. But to their credit, it's an actual new story, rather than trotting out Khan again or something, and the plot involves no time travel.

It suffered from the kind of flat, no-depth-of-field, impossible-to-parse visual effects that you see when the effects are rendered with 3D in mind. I hate 3D so much. It ruins the look of movies even when you watch the flat version because it leads to terrible cinematography decisions. The Ringworld starbase was just ridiculous.

Was anyone else distracted by the fact that CV Dazzle Ninja Woman had the same accent as Helena from Orphan Black? I kept expecting her to talk about her sestras.

But anyway, the good news is that Star Trek Continues is now up to 6 episodes. It's a fan-made set of new episodes of TOS and it's pretty well done. It's goofy in almost exactly the same way TOS was goofy. Playlist here. You should just watch this instead.

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