I fully endorse this kind of orange cone vigilanteeismism.

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  1. Phil says:

    Would be better if a random number of them detonated when hit. Like on that red car further up.

  2. That's where that kid got hit huh?

  3. At Golden Gate & Jones, SFMTA installed two soft-hit posts. No effect, the cagers still drove in the bike lane at a rate of over one per minute, all day. Then SFMTrA placed a dozen cones along the whole block with extras at the entrance and exit. On multiple visits since the conification I've observed a total of zero violations. The only time the violations resumed was the day that SFMTA took the cones away!

  4. joeluser says:

    no. assuming you mean that one particular kid who got hit by a probably drunk ex product manager at zynga who was traveling about 60mph and ran away after he hit her but since beemers have an engine kill switch in the airbags and since he hit her so hard the airbags deployed he didn't get far. that kid? that was on howard. this is golden gate.

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