Iä! Iä! Blogspam fthagn!

I'm currently getting hit with a bunch of spam comments that aren't getting trapped by Akismet that take the form of a normal sentence with one scrmabled word in the middle, and no links. I mention this only because this sounds like quite a movie:

From: Sunny <q6baircgej@hotmail.com> (

I could watch Sc'eldnirhs List and still be happy after reading this.

I'm getting a tentacular The King in Yellow feel here.

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8 Responses:

  1. Chas. Owens says:

    Hmm, sounds like someone is conducting guerilla advertising for a tnewty-terhe year old movie or screwing with you.

  2. That's the third King in Yellow reference I've seen in the past 24 hours. Are we entering CASE NIGHTMARE YELLOW?

  3. Given that you're getting loads of them, did you bother to do the whois lookup on that source IP address in RIPE?

    It's still probably just a compromised system, but the IP range isn't some vast expanse: it's a /24 that appears to be registered to an actual entity located at 57, cours Franklin Roosevelt 13007 MARSEILLE (France). Across the street from a pizza joint, just down the road from a cocktail bar.

    (Because that's obviously not a coincidence you'd find in just about any major western city... but hush.)

    • jwz says:

      It would appear that the field in which you grow your fucks is a lush, bounteous garden.

      • Heh, fair enough. I don't actually come read your blog to find things to give a fuck about, I come read it to be entertained (and always am!).

        For what it's worth, the tangential fuck I actually give here is to figure out where spam [that I get] is coming from, maybe to determine why I'm getting it, and hopefully to make more of it go away without my having to look at it, so looking up the owner of the source IP address on spam is just kind of a habit.

      • obladioblade@bippityboppity.com says:


        you're a nigger.

    • hellpé says:

      I live in Marseille and I plan to get plastered at that cocktail bar someday. I may try and pose myself as some Jeovah's witness so I could grab the WPA keys of the guys living here and figure out what's going on.

      also they're responsible if someone uses their wifi to torrent copyrighted content according to French law, so yeah

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