Down the Mr. Robot rabbit hole

At the end of S02E01, Darlene generates ransomware with a modified SET toolkit...


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  1. Leonardo Herrera says:

    Nice! However, what's the deal with autorun.inf in these terminals? Yesterday saw Blackhat (ugh) and they pulled the same shit.

    • Mariachi says:

      She's putting it on a "parking lot thumb drive." Curious victim picks up the drive because hey, free USB stick, plugs it in to his Windows machine that probably doesn't have autorun disabled, fsocietyM.exe ransomware runs and encrypts whatever it can.

      (You might be surprised how many otherwise security-conscious companies leave autorun on in their default user images. Along with leaving file extensions hidden.)

      • Leonardo Herrera says:

        Nice! I forgot the girl with the coffee stained papers in Blackhat. That was a really awesome scene, social hacking at its best - a pretty girl with a nice dress and a smile will make any security guard plug anything anywhere (yeah yeah, I know.)

        I wonder, will Windows still execute autorun.inf when plugging in a USB stick?

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